Metrolina Adult Soccer League



Helpful Notes for Registration

The registration system you are seeing will look familiar as it is the same registration we used during the 2018 seasons. Your logins will remain the same as they did in the past for that system. The link above will take you to another website. Do not be alarmed. This website is still the home of the Metrolina Adult Soccer League website and will continue to be, however the registration alone is on a separate site. (for those curious, it is because the two companies for our 2018 registration site & 2019 regsitration site merged into a single company)

- Your Player Fee ($75) & your 2020 NCASA Player Pass ($30) will be included in the same registration
- Players that belong to a club should register through their club website (ie Queen City United players go to

- Please register as a "Player" & a "Team Captain" by checking both boxes; this will ensure you can both play AND print your rosters

Free Agents (players without a team)
- The very first team in the drop down list is for Free Agents. You will be charged the fees mentioned above and will have taken care of all your financial obligations to the league for the season. Then, we will move you onto a team in the coming weeks. For any additional questions, please click the link to the left for FAQ/New Players.

New Team
- If you are wanting to bring a new team to the Metrolina Adult Soccer League, please email us at and we will add your new team name to the list on the registration; if you wish to have players go ahead and being their registration process, you can have them register to the second option in the drop down menu called "Team Not LIst (New Team)".

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