Metrolina Adult Soccer League

Spring '20 Schedule & Standings
Upcoming Tournaments

Carolinas Cup
5/29-30, 2021
(Charleston, SC)

Queen City Cup
8/7-8, 2021
(Matthews, NC)

Beer City Cup
9/4-5, 2021
(Asheville, NC)

Carolinas Cup
NC/SC State Cup
12/4-5, 2021
(Winston-Salem, NC)


(UPDATE - Registration Opens Soon)

*** UPDATE - In an effort to garner more feedback, we've been actively reaching out to our 2020 players/captains as our initial responses were decent, but we wanted more as some challenges with our promotion/relegation and accommodating teams who may not be ready to return to the field. This desire for more information has pushed back our registration from opening on the previously listed 2/16/21. We will be opening registration by 3/3/21 for an aimed kickoff of our Spring 2021 season in mid March (fields reopening permitted). ***

The Metrolina Adult Soccer League will be gathering feedback from our captains and players over the course of the next couple weeks in an effort to see where we are at with regards to returning teams as well as new ones. Our ultimate goal is to return to full divisions and a regular 10 game promotion/relegation schedule but fully recognize that there may still be a significant portion of our players who are not ready to return due to concerns over COVID-19.

With this in mind, we will take a calculated approach to returning to the field as we have since the pandemic began. Our players safety and ensuring they feel safe as well is of our utmost priorities - without teammates and opponents feeling
safe and protected, we will have no one to play against.

We Engourage Everyone to Keep Doing Your Part!

For those new to the Metrolina Adult Soccer League, Welcome!

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