Metrolina Adult Soccer League

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm interested in joining one of your upcoming leagues, what do I do?
A: Click the "Current Leagues" under the Leagues tab and when selecting a team, simply select *** Free Agents *** for your team and complete your registration. This will include a yearly player pass ($30 - if you do not already have one with MASL or another sanctioned NCASA league) and your MASL Player Fee ($75).

Q: As a Free Agent, how will I be assigned to a team?
A: Free Agents can be placed on a team in one of two ways. 1) A captain selects you during that league's draft. 2) The league sets up a "League Created Team" (or Teams) for that season and collects an appropriate number of players from the Free Agent pool.

Q. What is a "League Created Team"?
A: A League Created Team is a team that is established by and run by the league. League Created Teams are created when there are such a large number of Free Agents in the player pool that the demand for players on existing teams could not facilitate them all. The league created team gives those players a team and our hope is that in playing together for a season or two, players will want to form their own team. Ultimately, we want to find a home for anyone who is wanting to join the league.

Q. What are the fees associated with the league(s)?
A: As the Metrolina Adult Soccer League plays as a member of the NC Adult Soccer Association under USASA/US Soccer, all members are required to purchase a yearly player pass (calendar year - ie 2018 pass, 2019 pass, etc) and pay the MASL Player Fee for each season ($75).

Q: What are the age requirements/restrictions?
A: All of our leagues have a minimum age requirement of the age of 18 on or prior to the day of the first match of the season.

Q: What is the "2 Women Rule"?
A: Both teams are required to keep 2 women (minimum) on the field, at any position, at all times. Should a team have less women available they must play down a player for each female player not available (ie maximum of 9 men on the field).

Q: How many games are in the season?
A: For our current 11v11 leagues, each team will play 10 regular season games plus playoffs for those that qualify under the current season's guidelines. These will be announced during the season and based on the number of teams in the league.

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