Metrolina Adult Soccer League

Captains Information

Returning Team Registrations:

  1. Teams from the prior season will always be placed under the new registration for your convenience. If your team is changing their name, let us know and we'll adjust it for you. Prior to us changing the name, your players can register under the previous team name.
  2. Go to the "Current Leagues" under the LEAGUES tab and register for yourself to your team as both a Player AND Team Captain. If you are a returning captain and have already paid for your Player Pass for a given calendar year, you will not be charged again for a new NCASA Player Pass, but will be charged for your MASL Player Fee ($75) for the season.
  3. Once registered, you should have all the access that you've had in the past with the ability to print your roster and see who has registered for your team.
  4. Once registration is complete, begin registering your players to your roster by sending them to the same Player Registration link mentioned above in Step 2. As players complete their registration and pay their MASL Player Fee, they will begin to show on your roster.

New Team Registrations

  1. Email the league to have your team added to the list so that you can begin player registration (as well as team captain). Email both the general league email,
  2. Once youve been notified that your team has been added onto the NCASA-MASL site, proceed to steps #1-4 under the Returning Team Registrations above.

More Helpful Info

Before the new season, arrange for you or a member of your team to attend the Captains Meeting - this is a great chance to mingle with the other captains; it is mandatory for each team to have at least one team member at the Captains Meeting.

Keep recruiting players! See if your teammates know anybody who'd be interested in joining your team. Could be someone from another league or a coworker or an old soccer buddy who just moved back.

Talk about getting uniforms - they can be as simple as a tshirt with numbers and matching shorts/socks.

Find a team sponsor - could be your company or someone on the team's company looking to get their name out there; could be a local bar/restaurant/store you frequent; the sponsorship money can be used for the team/player fees, uniforms or if you really hit the jackpot, BOTH.

Coordinate practices with your teammates or even getting together to watch an upcoming soccer match at a local pub.

How to Print Your Game Day Roster

This contains instructions on how to view your team's roster (for verifying if someone has registered or not) AND printing your Game Day Roster for each game.

1. Login to your My Account portal by Click Here

2. Click View Details underneath the Coach/Team Manager's Name

3. Select the Teams tab and then select Tournament & Schedule Apps

4. Select the Schedules/Game Scoring link across from the tournament/league listing for the desired team.

5. A list of games your team is scheduled to play will be on the page.

6. Click the Print Roster button underneath the Game # to print the Game Day Roster (this will only be available for your next match within 3 days of your said match).

If you see that there is a player not on here, then they either have not registered yet OR registered for the wrong team.